4K and Pro editions of vMix include powerful programming capabilities through the Scripting feature.

Consider this is a highly advanced version of Shortcuts, instead of a simple function assigned to a keyboard key

you can assign any code you can think of including tasks like downloading internet content and assigning it to a title.

The process goes like this:

1. Create a Script from the Scripting tab in Settings and assign it a unique Name.

2. Create a Shortcut and select "ScriptStart" as the function and type in the name of the script in the Script Name box.

Scripting supports two different languages when writing your script:

VB.NET Scripting

Web Scripting

Local Scripts

Similar to shortcuts, scripts can be globally (accessible regardless of what Preset is open) or locally (only loaded with a particular Preset)

When editing a script, tick the box Local Script (This Preset Only) if you would like the script saved in the Preset.

Local scripts show up as Bold in the list. If two scripts have the same name, the first in the list will always be used when using shortcuts that refer to a script by name.