vMix Title Designer has now been replaced with the improved GT Title Designer.

The existing title designer is still included in vMix for editing files using the older title format.

vMix Title Designer is included with vMix and can be found in the Start Menu.

vMix Title Designer allows you to create high quality titles that combine dynamic text and graphics.

The interface is shown below:

New, Open, Save, Save As

Open or create a new title

Add Text

Add a new dynamic text element to the title. When selected the properties pane on the right hand side will contain the following options.

Drop Shadow

Specify a drop shadow for the text with colour, radius and direction


Specify font and font size for the text. This can be changed later from within vMix.

StrokeThickness / StrokeColor

Create an outline around the text.


Specify a unique name to identify this text box. This name will appear in the Title Editor within vMix.


Specify X and Y co-ordinates in pixels for precise positioning

Add Image

Add an image to the title. If the image will act as a background image, use the Background Image option instead.

Background Image

If you have a full resolution graphic created that includes an alpha channel (such as PNG) this can be set as the title background.
This image should be the same size as the title (for example 1920x1080)

Click Browse to browse for the background or click X to remove it.